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"What will people think when they hear that I'm a Jesus Freak?
What will people do when they find that it's true?
I don't really care if they label me a Jesus Freak.
There ain't no disguisin' the truth.
Hah, hah, ha-oh!"
--D. C. Talk

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I am totally and completely against:
1. sex before or outside of marriage
2. homosexuality
3. polygamy
4. abortion
5. people thinking too much or too little of themselves
6. disrespecting those in authority

I DO NOT believe in:
1. vampires
2. werewolves
3. ghosts
4. evolution
5. dragons (although they are pretty fascinating)
6. aliens

Favorite genre of music: Anything that's Christian
Favorite actor: Kirk Cameron
Favorite cartoon character: Bolt, Penny, and Tigress
Personal Quote: "If you never get into a bad habit, you never have worry about getting out of it."

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When I submitted all those Spider-themed heroes and villains yesterday, I was inspired to write a story about them, featuring my OC, Sir Donavan McShrauski. It will take place in my fanmade Marvel universe, Earth-1780.

Here's the way it's going to go down:
Setting: Earth-1780, a post-apocalyptic version of the Earth we know and love, where all the superheroes and supervillains are Spidey-themed; Chicago, IL (mostly); Circa 2020 A.D.
Synopsis: On his way to Mysticaria to join the Heroic Knights, Sir Donavan appears in Earth-1780's version of Chicago, Illinois, having just arrived from Japan in the world where the Kamen Riders reside. Stopping to get his bearings, he is suddenly ambushed by a squad of Venom Troopers. Just when they are about to arrest him, SpiderKnight and SpiderGirl (my versions) show up and free him from the troopers, enabling him to transform into Kamen Rider IXA and join them in fighting the troopers. Soon, more troopers show up, forcing the three heroes to beat a hasty retreat. Later, at the Spidey heroes "base" (a disheveled, abandoned house on Chicago's notorious South Side), Donavan thanks the other two heroes for rescuing him and introduces himself to them. Then, he asks them why the Venom Troopers were trying to arrest him. They are confused as to why he doesn't know about the state of the world, but this confusion dissipates somewhat as Donavan explains that he's passing through this world on his way to the land of Mysticaria. The Spidey heroes explain to him that the Venom Troopers were trying to arrest him because he had appeared from another world, seeming to be an infiltrator, and thus was considered an enemy of the Venom Empire. They further explain that their entire world has been taken over by the Empire, lead by Iron Venom, and his soon-to-be Empress, the White Spider. The Spidey Heroes are among the last superheroes in the world, and the Empire is trying to exterminate them. Thinking that the South Side is completely abandoned, they haven't thought to look for the Heroes there. Remembering the stories of Kamen Rider Decade, Donavan realizes that if he helps them, he will be able to continue his journey onward to Mysticaria. Being a knight, he also knows that it is not honorable to refuse one's services to those who need them most, and so he offers his help to them. They accept, and together, the three of them recruit other Spidey superheroes, such as Wild Spider and the Spider Ninjas, to their cause, and hatch a plan to free the world from the Venom Empire's tyrannical rule once and for all.

Kamen Rider belongs to Toei.
Spider-Man and all related trademarks belong to Marvel.

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